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血战无极 Conquera
CrystalM2 Client

Client CrystalM2 Client

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1) Download files and extract contents into a folder and call it 'Client'.
2) Navigate to the client.exe file in the client folder, and run the client.exe. This will start a download of all the data files required. This download is large, so be prepared to wait some time
3) Wait for download to finish, close the client.exe and run it once again.
4) Open the Server.exe file (download separately) in your 'Server' folder. Wait for the server window to open and run through its opening process (4 lines appear - Maps Loaded, Drops Loaded, Envir Started, Network Started). This means the server is now running, locally.
3) Now the server is running and ready for your client to connect to.
4) Navigate to your Client folder and run client.exe. Create account, login, create character etc.
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